June 20, 2016

Current Ecuador (Rose) production update

This page will contain an up-to-date, weekly update of the current (Rose) production in Ecuador. We are speaking with the leading farms in Ecuador to obtain a comprehensive situation of the market, so all wholesalers can accurately inform their retail clients of what’s going on at farm level. However, please keep in mind that market conditions can change rapidly and many variations may occur. In other words, although the rose production as a whole could be fairly stable, there might still be certain colors or varieties that are very difficult to source. This page can be used as a good indication and might assist our wholesalers when making purchasing and marketing decisions.

LAST UPDATED: December 10, 2018 – 3:07pm EST

Weather in Quito- Ecuador and Bogota – Colombia: Cold, cloudy and rainy.

US Market: REGULAR demand.
European Market: REGULAR demand.
Russian Market: REGULAR demand.

Order seasonal colors and items in advance and think about replacement varieties, most Holidays products have very limited availablity!

Freight: Regular Rates

  • Roses: Regular availability, most colors back to regular prices. Inspect your flowers upon arrival. Rainy season brings also higher chances of botrytis.
  • Carnations: Regular availability.
  • Hypericum: Regular availability.
  • Gyp: Regular availability.
  • Hydrangeas from Medellin: Regular availability, regular prices.
  • Spray Roses: Regular availability.
  • Leucadendron: Regular availability.
  • Mini Callas: Regular availability.
  • Bells of Ireland: Regular availability.
  • Alstroemerias: Regular availability.
  • Lilies from Costa Rica available. Landed Miami prices.

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