Aribaflor launches new “production update” page!

We just launched a new page, which will contain an up-to-date, weekly update of the current (Rose) production in Ecuador. We are constantly speaking with the leading farms in Ecuador to obtain a comprehensive situation of the market, so all wholesalers can accurately inform their retail clients of what’s going on at farm level. However,[…]

Cotopaxi cold

Ecuador update: production cycle slows down even further

For about the last three weeks, Ecuador has been experiencing much colder than normal temperatures, in addition to having many cloudy days and lots of rain. All these things combined have resulted in a further decrease in production cycles and therefore the number of stems that are harvested daily is also considerably down from normal[…]


Today’s hailstorm in Colombia might affect Hydrangea production!

This short video shows today’s hailstorm in Rionegro, Colombia. This is the region where most of the Hydrangeas are being grown. This video came to us from one of the growers; you can clearly see the hail falling from the sky.  There is a high chance this will negatively affect the immediate availability of Hydrangeas in the[…]