Today’s hailstorm in Colombia might affect Hydrangea production!

This short video shows today’s hailstorm in Rionegro, Colombia. This is the region where most of the Hydrangeas are being grown. This video came to us from one of the growers; you can clearly see the hail falling from the sky.  There is a high chance this will negatively affect the immediate availability of Hydrangeas in the next few weeks throughout the entire United States.  We have been in touch with most of our growers today and it doesn’t appear that we have been affected in any major ways, but undoubtedly it will put pressure on the production as a whole if other growers have been impacted by today’s hailstorm. This situation of supply shortage might become noticeable as early as the next few days.

In general, we would recommend placing your orders ASAP to ensure the availability. Stay tuned for further updates!